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Notification on Declaration of Shenzhen’s Major Projects for 2017


Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission have started organizing the declarations of Shenzhen’s major projects for 2017. The commission issued the Notification of Declarations of Shenzhen’s Major Projects for 2017 from Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission should be attached with great attention by departments of all levels in order to arrange and discover qualified major projects in Futian District.


1. Favorable policies: Projects approved by municipal government departments and have been included in the list of major projects can enjoy the favorable policies during application process. Departments related should inform those qualified groups about the declaration in time.


2. Online application: Major projects can be applied online before October 28 (Friday).


3. Submission: Hardcopy documents should be sealed and submitted to the Development and Reform Commission’s office windows with a printed copy handed in through room 1413 in Futian District’s government building for back-up.


Futian Development and Reform Commission

October 13, 2016