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Subvenues of Futian offer attractions (ICIF)

Release time:2017-05-11    To share:  

The fine array of exhibitions and activities offered at the subvenues of the ICIF in Futian District will be a feast for Chinese culture buffs. The following are some of the highlights at the subvenues.

Tianmian “City of Design” Creative Industrial Estate

The latest achievements blending science & technology, health, design and life will be displayed at the subvenue. A series of exhibitions featuring the culture and innovation in Macao will be held. The TV series “Songlike Memories” will also debut there.

Shenzhen Culture and Creative Park

Four culture lectures and five themed exhibitions featuring “culture leads life, science & technology in exploring the future” will be held to showcase the development of the park’s culture industry and bring traditional culture into people’s daily life.

Shenzhen Central Book Mall

A forum themed “Chinese characters carry history and articles connect the world” will be held. There will also be a themed exhibition featuring “Chinese characters in action” and public signing sessions by famous calligraphers.

China (Shenzhen) New Media Ads Park

An exhibition showing the development of Shenzhen’s advertising industry, themed “reflection and change,” will be held. There will also be a forum on Internet brands and dialogues among advertisement makers.

Chinese Art Masters’ Innovative Park

Themed “G20 gifts & Chinese arts and crafts,” an exhibition will be held displaying the past 100 years of China’s history and its road of opening up. Other activities will also be held to showcase traditional Chinese arts, such as tea-making skills and embroidery.

Sino-Finnish Design Park

Two forums, one seminar, six makers’ workshops and two exhibitions will be held featuring international design and intelligent manufacturing.

Shenzhen 1979 Creative Culture Park

An exhibition named “Secret history: Western antiques” will be held. Chinese traditional art master Zhang Guizhi will display his meticulous flowers-and-birds paintings.

Shenzhen T8 Creative Tourism Bonded Area

A series of activities and a forum will be held to showcase creative tourism, tourism technology and tourism culture.

Jihong Creative Design Park

An international forum on the upgrading of cities, an exhibition of traditional Chinese paintings by Zhuang Yujun and a calligraphy show by Guan Baichun will be held.

T-PARK SZ-Hong Kong Film Creative Park

A press conference for the second Asian New Media Film Festival will be held to make it the largest new media film exchange platform in Asia and even the world. Producer Gao Yalin will bring the crew of his drama “In the Names of the People” for a press conference.(Shao Jingfeng)