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  • American swimming coach teaches SZ kids in English


    It is not unusual to see swimming pools in a metropolis like Shenzhen, but a swim club with coaches teaching in English is still a special sight.David Awesome Swim Club, which is located in Futian District, is an international swim club that combines coaching styles from China, the U.In his eyes,...

  • Singapore design architect brings new concepts to SZ


    TAN ZIE CHON, wearing sports shoes, dark casual pants, a black blazer and black framed glasses, led me into a well-decorated reception room in their 1800-square-meter office inside the building near Haibin Square in Futian District.Which their company designed and built in.Meanwhile, promoting an...

  • Patrick Low and his ‘vertical city’


    A man with 28 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Low relocated to Futian CBD in 2014 after working as the vice president for sales and marketing in northern China for Shangri-La Hotel Group.The hotel was named the best business hotel in Shenzhen by the Business Travel Asia Pacific A...

  • Woman opens door of WeChat to South Koreans


    Kim Dae-Soon, who hails from South Korea and is now a successful businesswoman in Shenzhen, has just published her first book about China’s social media platform, WeChat.

  • Spaniard encourages employees to speak out about mistakes


    Ioan Gornic Schrob, general manager of Zobele Instrument (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. and a member of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, has been living in Shenzhen for nearly six years.

  • Property market shows signs of cooling following new policies


    China's red-hot property market in major cities has shown signs of cooling after authorities stepped in with a spate of measures to contain sky-high prices, an official survey showed Friday, citing fresh data for the first half of October.

  • Life guardian in the air


    Recalling his three-year career as chief medical officer for Deer Jet Medical in Shenzhen, which claims to be China’s largest air ambulance service provider, Steven Holt said the scenes of a mission to evacuate 16 injured Chinese nationals out of Vietnam in May 2014 amid anti-Chinese unrest is s...

  • American shares opinion on internationalization of Futian


    “Going global is not just about the GDP but also about culture, a permissive and diversified local culture, which serves as a magnet to attract more foreigners to settle down here,” Michael McGillicuddy from the United States said of the internationalization of Futian District.