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Story books auctioned

Release time:2017-05-18    To share:  

THE Chinese Picture-story Book and Manuscript Auction was held during the ICIF on Saturday, featuring 87 items including 24 sets of manuscripts with an estimated value exceeding 1.59 million yuan (US$230,550).

As the first ICIF auction featuring collections of books, the publication dates for these high-value collectibles ranged between the 1950s and the 1990s. These precious books were created by excellent artists such as He Youchang, Liu Jiyou, Wang Shuhui, Dai Dunbang, Shi Dawei and Shen Yao. Precious manuscripts, including “The Wind and Waves” written by artist Hua Sanchuan, Dong Xiaoming’s “Prince and Donkey,” Lu Yanguang’s “Drumming,” and Li Chen’s “Xiao Xiao” were also up for auction.

Two books, “The Earth’s Red Ribbon” by Shen Raoyin and “The Romance of West Chamber” by Wang Shuhui, attracted collectors battling for the right to take the books home. “The Romance of West Chamber” ended up going for 5,600 yuan on the auction block. “Introduction to Deng Xiaoping’s Theory,” which sold for 12,000 yuan, set the record for most expensive single item sold at the auction.

“These books are great in terms of version, publishing year and appearance,” said a Shenzhen collector surnamed Fan, who has been collecting for five years.

Fan was excited that he was walking away with an “A Dream of Red Mansions” manuscript for 5,000 yuan as “the manuscript is so precious that it cannot be copied.”