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Tough measures imposed on cab pooling, rejections

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SHENZHEN transport commission has arranged law enforcement officers to be on duty and is coordinating with the police to set up a restricted area on auxiliary roads near Yitian Road Bus Terminal that bans cab drivers from parking to bargain with late train arrivals at Futian High-speed Railway Station.

Shenzhen traffic police will also install surveillance cameras in the area to regulate illegal taxi actions such as rejecting rides, pooling and bargaining without using cab meters.

The chaotic cab situations at Futian High-speed Railway Station and Shenzhen North Railway Station are again in the spotlight after some passengers coming to the CBD on night trains were rejected and forced into pooling with others or bargaining for the service.

The commission is also considering expanding the taxi storage area to enable taxi drivers to wait in line to carry passengers like they do at the airport.

According to the commission, the cab industry requires cab operators to upgrade the cab service terminals mounted on their vehicles and adopt a facial recognition system to confirm the identity of the cab driver on duty and eliminate irregularities in cab drivers. The terminal will allow passengers to rate the quality of the driver’s service.

According to a report in the Southern Metropolis Daily earlier this week, some passengers were rejected, or ripped off when they arrived at Futian High-speed Railway Station at midnight, because there was no other choice but to take a taxi.

The city has established a credit system to honor drivers who perform good services and Samaritan deeds, and disqualify those who violate the rules, such as ripping off, rejecting, or even cheating riders with modified meters.

So far, 174 taxi drivers have been added to the blacklist and disqualified from engaging in the service, while 126 drivers have been added to the red honorary list for their Samaritan deeds.

(Han Ximin, Lei Kaibin)