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Priority Carriages for Women put into use

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SHENZHEN Metro operators have designated carriages at both ends of the trains on Lines 1, 3, 4 and 5 as Priority Carriages for Women to give female riders priority boarding starting yesterday.

The purpose of Priority Carriages for Women isn’t to separate female and male riders, the operators said.

Male riders can share the Ladies First carriages if the other carriages are too crowded, and the Priority Carriages for Women are relatively spacious, especially during rush hours, according to the Shenzhen rail office.

The designation of Priority Carriages for Women is to show respect and care for women and the office hopes the public will give suggestions on this new measure.

If a female passenger needs the company of her male companion, or the female passenger is taking children, the elderly or physically challenged people, they can share the carriages, according to Shenzhen Metro Group.

The public can call the Shenzhen Metro service hotline at 8896-0600 or leave a message on the Shenzhen Metro official microblog or WeChat to give suggestions. The operators will review the effect of the carriages through field research and asking riders to fill out questionnaires.