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Girl receives donation from star policeman

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A 2-YEAR-OLD girl, who is suffering from burns, recently received a mysterious donation. The donation turned out to have been made by a police officer who was staying at the same hospital for injuries he sustained on duty, the Chinese-language media reported yesterday.

Currently receiving treatment in the Shenzhen No. 2 People’s Hospital in Futian District, the girl, identified as Jinxuan, must have her medical dressings changed daily, exhausting 10 bottles of iodine, two bags of gauze and eight rolls of bandages due to the severity of her burns.

After hearing about the family’s predicament, many residents decided to lend a helping hand by making donations. The girl’s father, surnamed Lin, has been taking care to record as much information about each donor as possible. One of the donors caught his attention when he arrived with a bandaged arm, and after contributing 6,000 yuan (US$884), left without revealing his identity.

Recalling news from a week ago, Lin said he believed the donor was Luo Mingxing, the hero police officer who risked his life to remove a burning gas tank with bare hands from an apartment in Futian District.

Luo’s act saved the building from possible explosions, but it left him with burns on his hands and arms. Having heard that Luo was staying in the same hospital, Lin paid him a surprise visit. It turned out that Luo had indeed been the mysterious donor.

The 6,000 yuan was in fact the condolence money given to Luo for his fire rescue.

According to Wang Yue, a deputy director of the police station at which Luo works, Luo was a low-profile man. Although he has helped many residents deal with difficulties, he seldom mentions what he has done for the others.

(Zhang Qian, Chen Manqi)