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Power bank ignites in Metro car

Release time:2017-08-01    To share:  

AS a man was playing with his cellphone, while using a power bank to charge, the power bank caught fire, and the train on Metro Line 1 made an emergency stop, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

The incident happened as the train was at Convention and Exhibition Center Station en route to Luohu, and the man was playing with his cellphone, which was charging from a power bank on the train. Suddenly, the power bank began emitting smoke and ignited, and the man threw it to the ground. Other passengers scurried away immediately, but one cool-headed man stood up, fetched a fire extinguisher installed in the compartment and put out the fire, while another passenger pulled the emergency unlock device on the door, resulting in the train making an emergency stop.

The staff at the Metro station came to the site at once, checked the condition and cleared out all the passengers.

The staff said when faced with an emergency, passengers should keep calm and contact the driver via the intercom system on the train. (Zhang Yu)