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Important Information for Foreigners
Welcome to Futian District of the city of Shenzhen. To ensure your pleasant stay and travel in China, please read the following important information attentively:

1. If a foreigner intends to stay longer in China, then he/she shall apply for corresponding extension at local Exit-Entry Administration Department of Public Security Bureau 7 days before expiration of stay period specified in his/her visa and provide the related materials as required.

2. A foreigner shall apply for corresponding residence permit within 30 days after his/her entering into China if the required residence permit specified in the visa hold by he/she.
If a foreigner intends to apply for longer residence permit, that he/she shall submit application at local Exit-Entry Administration Department of Public Security Bureau 30 days before expiration of valid term of his/her residence permit and provide the related materials as required.
A foreigner shall conduct corresponding change at local Exit-Entry Administration Department of Public Security Bureau within 10 days after change of registration on his/her residence permit.

3. A foreigner shall declare his lodging information to the local police station within 24 hours after entry into China or conduct hotel registration accordingly.

4. Foreigners having reached the age of 16 who stay or reside in China shall carry with them their passports or foreigners’ stay or residence permits, and accept the inspection of public security bureau.

5. Foreigners shall report to the local police station where his/her passport is lost, stolen or robbed and obtain return receipt. Foreigners shall report loss of his/her passport at the Exit-Entry Administration Department upon production of return receipt issued by the local police station.

6. Foreigners who stay or reside in China shall not engage in activities not corresponding to the purpose of stay or residence, and shall leave China prior to the expiry of the prescribed duration of stay or residence.

7. Foreigners can drive motor vehicle only after he/she obtain driving license in accordance with the Measure on Driving License of the People’s Republic.

8. A foreigner shall not obtain employment without approval of the competent authorities in China.

9. A foreigner must change his/her visa information or residence permit at the local police station within 10 days after completion of residence permit.

10. Foreigners who violate the above provision may be imposed punishment, such as warning, fine, detention, be ordered to leave China within prescribed period, deportation, or other compulsory measures such as repatriation. If circumstances are serious and constitute crime, the Criminal responsibilities shall be imposed on a foreigner.

11. If emergency events, such as unlawful attack are encountered by a foreigner, please dial 110 for help.

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For more information on visas and permits, please log on the web site of the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau.

Exit-Entry Administration Department of Futian Public Security Sub-Bureau
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